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Southern Wisconsin

The Luke5Adventures Southern Wisconsin chapter is located in the greater Milwaukee area, serving all of Southern Wisconsin. We offer one-hiker “Adventures” as well as multi-Adventure “Events” at area city, county and state parks---all FREE of charge.  We would also be happy to partner with organizations, children’s hospitals, schools, and businesses that would like to work together to make the impossible possible! 

If you are interested in being a HIKER (an individual with a mobility challenge who rides in the “Rosie”) or a VOLUNTEER SHERPA (any volunteer, doing anything for these families). Please reach out to Joel Tyler at the email below. 


Luke5Adventures is funded completely through personal/corporate donations and foundation grants. To donate to the Luke5Adventures Southern Wisconsin Chapter please mail checks to W297N6227 Creekside Ct. Hartland, WI 53029.

SIgn up to be a hiker or sherpa
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Joel Tyler

Southern Wisconsin Chapter



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