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       Tucson, AZ


The Luke5Adventures Tucson Chapter is a ministry of Saguaro Canyon Church located in Tucson, Arizona. While most of our activity occurs in and around the Tucson area, we are available to make the impossible possible in the southwestern region of the United States. We offer one-hiker adventure and multi-adventure events, and enjoy partnering work with a variety of organizations, children’s hospitals, schools, and businesses. 

If you are interested in being a HIKER (an individual with a mobility challenge who rides in the Rosie, a one-wheeled rickshaw-like device maneuvered by our Sherpas) or a VOLUNTEER (both hiking and non-hiking Sherpas are needed to make our adventures and events happen), please click on the appropriate button above and fill out an application.


If you are interested in donating to the Luke5Adventures Tucson Chapter, please click on the DONATION button above. Thank you!  

SIgn up to be a hiker or Volunteer
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         Southwestern United States


Janet Hale

Greater Tucson Chapter Director

(520) 241-8797

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