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Greater Cincinnati

mason, oh         

The Luke5Adventures Greater Cincinnati Chapter is operated as a ministry of Grace Chapel in Mason, Ohio.  Most of our activity occurs in and around the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area and often includes collaboration with area organizations like Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati Parks, Great Parks of Hamilton County, and the various counties Boards of DD.  We offer one-hiker, one-hike “Adventures” as well as multi-Adventures “Events” at area city, county and state parks---all FREE of charge.  Through many nation-wide relationships, we also travel far and wide to serve those living with disabilities.  We also can respond to your “bucket list” expeditions.  You name the place, we’ll get you there and we’ll work with you on funding it. 

In order to be either the HIKER (the individual with a disability who is riding in the Rosie) or the VOLUNTEER (any volunteer, doing anything for these families), please fill out the applications above. 

SIgn up to be a hiker or sherpa
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Mike Sander

Greater Cincinnati Chapter Director


Whitney Blackston

Vice President of Luke5Adventures and Chapter co-Director


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